<tagsandcode/> specializes in helping businesses, organizations and individuals look good, get found and save money on the web. If you’re interested in upgrading to a WordPress site we can assist with a new site in a variety of different themes. If you’re already using WordPress there’s a support and maintenance option to maximize your performance and improve what you already have.

A few of the other options include:

SEO for Mobile

Upgrade to a modern theme that adjusts for a variety of different screen sizes including laptops, phones and desktops and iPad’s. Mobile represents slightly more than half of web traffic and is currently growing. If you have Google Analytics installed this is easy to check and see exactly what your audience looks like and what technology they’re using. It only makes sense to ensure your site is mobile friendly.

Business SEO

Get a free site evaluation with suggestions for improving your site for ranking based on appropriate keywords for your specific market. Set up a solid foundation to build upon for your site’s search engine ranking efforts

Local SEO Services

Detailed and ongoing full-time monitoring of your sites’ keywords, best-performing pages, referral and organic traffic including building quality backlinks from authority sources.

Website Check

Evaluates a number of technical options such as site speed, issues with images, code errors and security. Recommendations and hosting options are also available.

WordPress Support

The WordPress support and maintenance service is designed to improve your WordPress blog performance by adding better security, scheduling regular site backups, improving site speed, adding or sometimes removing plugins that make the site perform better and setup and monitoring/reporting of analytics.

Website Ideas

Custom solutions based on your needs including full social media integration with your site, eCommerce, coordination with SEO efforts, auto-posting from your site to your social media accounts. Just ask.

WordPress Blog

Interested in setting up an individual blog for personal or business purposes? Setting up a standalone option or integration with your site and connecting to other accounts is an also an option as well as getting the most out of it with common-sense use of categories and tags to organize your content and make it easier to find for your audience online.