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Our goal is to help you achieve the best Traverse City SEO presence you can. Competing to get found in northern Michigan, whether it’s in-town or any of our surrounding counties, your website and business needs every advantage it can get. You need to get found in search results quickly and easily and out-rank your competitors.

tags+code stays on top of the latest organic search changes and trends so you can get a competitive edge over other businesses in your local market. We’re also very familiar with the Traverse City area and can offer more specific keyword and content recommendations.

Currently, businesses need to be thinking about presenting their site and information primarily for a mobile audience, ideally a website that adjusts for all screen sizes is the best approach. If you haven’t already implemented page speed improvements on your site, or SSL, these have now become ranking signals to pay attention to.

Our primary focus is to help small businesses gain more visibility in search engines. With the use of organic search engine optimization, we can help our clients increase their number of visitors to their websites while improving their web presence.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for small businesses in Traverse City has been a hot topic of discussion for years. Many local businesses have started to see the positive impact that SEO has on their online business, from increased traffic from natural search results to increased conversions from those visits.

As an experienced Traverse City SEO Agency, we can help you achieve the best SEO presence possible. Our SEO service is focused on the needs of the northern Michigan region.

Organic SEO is one of the most effective and affordable ways to get your website in front of the people who matter most: potential customers who are already in the market for what you and your business can offer. It’s easy to see why organic SEO is such a smart choice when your goal is to reach the right people with relevant information about your services, products, and company culture.

Good SEO is vital for any business trying to make it in today’s digital world. To get found quickly and easily, whether you’re in your neighborhood, city, state, or country, you need to have a strong SEO plan that will get your website on the top of the search results. We are an SEO Services company that specializes in organic SEO services. With our focus on SEO for WordPress, we can improve what you’re doing with our services to get your business on the first page of the search results.

Getting noticed (in a good way) on the web can have changing criteria. If you have a site that doesn’t emphasize:

  • keywords throughout the site that people actually search for
  • a fast-loading site
  • optimized images that load quickly
  • enough descriptive content that people will want to stay on your site for

Then it’s time to get an update done!

Put your site to work for you by getting more impressions on the web, clicks on your pages, visits to your business and more revenue.

tags+code is your organic SEO services company and helps all types of businesses, organizations, and creative entrepreneurs with highly targeted SEO plans that get your business ranking and found for what you do best, our goal is to do more than help you succeed, your business should thrive.

Traverse City SEO

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Google Analytics reporting on a regular basis
  • Social media monitoring
  • Exploring the hidden search queries people use to get to your site
  • Position tracking for your keywords
  • On-page SEO auditing, recommendations and changes
  • Technical site health
  • Fixing crawl issues
  • Fixing duplicate content issues
  • Content and appropriate keyword recommendations

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